Uke Lesson’s

Uke Lessons

Image 03I offer private one on one lessons in person or via skype.

One on One Private Lessons – 30 min – $25 – 1 hour – $50

Group Lessons – min of 3 people $20 per person per hour

I also offer numerous workshops and classes, below is a list of some of my classes that I offer. I am continually adding new classes so check back regularly to see what is available.

Basic Ukulele Skills Class – This class is designed to help the new player’s ability by learning techniques such as – Strumming, Fingerpicking, Triplet strums, Accents & Feels

Learning your Ukulele Neck – This class will develop your knowledge of the ukulele neck. Learn the system and sequence of how notes and chords unfold up the neck.

Chord Harmonies and Inversions – Learn to develop your songs when playing with others with chord harmony.

Introduction to the Blues & Solo Improvisation – In this class we learn about Triads and scales for solo improvisation.

Triplets, Accents, and Other Cool Things – In this course we explore the area of musical dynamics to add interest, texture, and shape to your songs. This practical workshop will develop your right-hand skills to bring your playing to a whole new level.

The workshop includes:

  • Accents – Using different volumes to add variety, shape, and interest to your strums & songs.
  • Triplet strums – Learning some great triplet techniques to incorporate into your playing.
  • Using light & shade dynamics  – Learning how to use light and shade dynamics to create movement and bring your songs alive. A song is like a painting. It requires ‘colour’ to be interesting.

This easy to follow workshop is designed for all skill levels. Printed handouts will be given out in the workshop to support your learning. Bring a tuned ukulele and an open mind.

Please contact me for more info, or to book one of my workshops for your uke club or friends –



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