SUP Group Playing Nights

A little word about our Sunnybank Ukulele Players Group

Many of you know of our meetings on the 3rd weds night of each month. We are a very new and small group, but slowly growing. I encourage you to come along and support our little group meetings. If you cannot make it along, please tell your uke friends. We need to grow and spread the joy of ukulele playing and your attendance would really help.

I hope our group can grow and develop into a place where we all can improve our playing and eventually form a performing group out of our members. We can then spread a lot more uke joy playing out in the general public arena.

So come along, and tell your friends.

We meet every 3rd weds of each month at “The Hut” (the little hall in the kindergarten grounds) 101 Lister St Sunnybank.

For more info contact me on email –

You can also get map and more info on playing nights page