My Ukulele Books


Hey! Your Ukulele Has More Than 3 Frets

If you are like most ukulele people, you picked up a ukulele out of curiosity, or for a bit of fun. Whatever your reason for playing, I know this little instrument we call the ukulele or jumping flea, will bring you much joy.

This book is designed to help the new ukulele player explore the possibilities of playing beyond the first 3 frets.

Learn all about chord inversions, the major & minor keys of the I IV V chord progression, and important chords shapes and scales, and the circle of fifths, tips for developing better playing skills and much more.

This book does not require knowledge of music notation or intricate music theory. It offers knowledge of advanced playing skills in a simple and concise way that even a rank beginner can easily understand and learn.

UKE2_3DHey! Want To Become A Better Ukulele Player

This is my 2nd uke book which covers areas of dynamics. Learn how to add shape, colour, and movement to your songs. We also explore chord shapes and the basic 36 chords. This easy to follow book will take your uke playing to a whole new level  of skill and expertise.

Happy ukeing!

 Grab copies of my uke books!

Contact me now to purchase a copy

Both printed versions of books only $16.50 each plus postage or grab a  E-Book version for only $12 each


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